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Tag Archive for: reflections

“Integrating Art & Wisdom” – A Talk by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

07 Dec 2015 / in Art & Wisdom, Dharma Eye Blog

“When we trust our creativity we encounter a supreme kind of enjoyment – an amazement at the natural unfolding of life beyond our ordinary way of looking at things.“ ~ Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche   An extraordinarily thought-provoking, art inspiring, practice encouraging talk on Art and Wisdom by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche… Listen to: “Integrating Art and […]

“Photography and Practice” by Michael Ash

04 Aug 2015 / in Dharma Eye Blog

“Photography and Practice” This article was first published by Buddhistdoor Global, Sept. 5th, 2014 In photography we are working with light.  Simple light.  That is if we are simple in our perception.  But how does that come to be? This is where Buddhist practice shines some light on the art of photography, and likewise the […]

‘Natural Vitality’ – A Talk by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

03 Apr 2015 / in Art & Wisdom, Dharma Eye Blog

“I wish to urge students of the dharma who may have forsaken their creative impulse in favor of practice to realize there is no conflict between creativity and meditation. Creativity can be understood, in essence, to be the practice of our own nature and that nature’s expression. You may find your way in to the […]

Dharma Eye and Buddhist Door

02 Sep 2014 / in Dharma Eye News

DHARMA EYE NEWS: Dharma Eye has initiated a new collaboration with Hong Kong based Buddhistdoor Global this month, contributing fortnightly articles from reflections on art and practice, photo essays, and travelogues by our artists to their long standing online Buddhist magazine site. To see their broad spectrum of features on the Buddhadharma, please visit their […]

‘Intuitive Wisdom’
 by Victoria Knobloch

28 Jul 2014 / in Dharma Eye Blog

There is a deep connection between art and spirituality. I think without the artist consciously being aware of it, he/she often deals extensively with issues such as: the meaning of life, the question of impermanence or the arbitrariness of fate. Thus spiritual issues, so to say; things that can not be explained exclusively by ratio, […]

‘Meeting With Death’ by Tadas Juras

26 Jul 2014 / in Dharma Eye Blog

Meeting with Death [1] Meeting with death lets us look at our own life from its perspective. Why did I live, what did I do, what I was seeking for? What is the worth of everything I’ve achieved? What is going to happen to me now? And what is this “I”, who was living, seeking, […]

On Art and Spirituality – Reflections by Tadas Juras

14 Jun 2014 / in Dharma Eye Blog

In the earlier stages of history, religion and art were hardly separable things. It often was the case that one of them was content and the other form. Nowadays it seems that content went one way and form another way: they have become separate things. It seems that, in some cases, art became incompatible with […]